A BAND based in the North West has released a brand new single just weeks after winning the BBC RADIO 1 dance vocalist of the year award.

Lowes, who are based in Lancaster and Kendal have released a new single called 'Late Night Visions'.

In 2021, band members, Evie Plumb, Luke Paget and Jamie Walker took the dance scene by storm working with CamelPhat, Sigma and High Contrast to name a few.

On the new single, lead vocalist Evie said a lot of inspirations came together to make the single what it is.

Originally the single began as a production idea from band member Luke, who used the sample from Loleatta Holloways 'love sensation' as Evie was out of the studio.

The Westmorland Gazette: LOWES performing LOWES performing

The idea was that Evie would replace the sample with something new, but when the rest of the song was written around the sample. Evie said they could never 'top it' and asked the publishers if they could use the sample and was granted permission.

Evie said: "We feel very blessed to have such great company on this record, there is a lot of different inspirations that came together to make it what it is."

The music video which features band members Evie, Luke and James alongside backing dancers was filmed by Machino and Papaya films who Evie said helped the band put what was in their heads into real life and that they are 'really chuffed' with the outcome.

Evie said it is 'really rewarding' filming a music video, she said: "It's another medium which to express the music which is awesome.

"It's the sheer size of the team that make it the most fun."

Evie said the reaction from fans has been 'really overwhelmingly positive' she said: "The reaction has been amazing we have got on a lot of playlists, a lot of fans have been reaching out writing blogs and telling us how much they love the track.

"It's been a real positive release, the initial reaction has been really rewarding."

Evie said the group can't wait to play the new single out live for their fans in their upcoming tour in March.