HAVE you ever had an issue with a troublesome neighbour? Or maybe you are the troublesome or disruptive neighbour? 

We Buy Any Home found that nearly a quarter of people who have sold their home said that having bad neighbours contributed to their reasons for selling their home. 

In a survey of 2,000 U.K. adults who have sold a home, a whopping 60% of UK adults said that they had had a dispute with a neighbour, and that the dispute left them feeling negatively about them. 

The top reason for disputes across the U.K. were from one unanimous reason: being too noisy at anti-social hours.

The study found if you are despised by a neighbour it is likely because you are too noisy. 

The top reasons in the Northwest for neighbourly disputes are:

  1. Being too noisy at anti-social hours
  2. Property boundary dispute
  3. Argument over pets
  4. Impolite behaviour
  5. Parking dispute

However, the disputes didn’t stop when the offending action ended: most of the adults surveyed admitted they considered revenge on their naughty neighbour. 

In fact, a shocking 68% of nationwide respondents considered revenge on their neighbour because of the dispute. The top revenge tactic nationally was direct confrontation, followed by reporting the neighbour to the police or council.

In the Northwest your neighbours are most likely to confront you directly, rather than refusing to take your postal delivery, for example. 

The top revenge tactics in the Northwest for neighbourly disputes are:

  1. Confront them directly
  2. Reporting them to the council/police 
  3. Making noise (Pounding on the walls or broom handle to ceiling)
  4. Complaining to other neighbours 
  5. Leaving a note