A BAFTA award winning band will be releasing their first album in five years and are preparing for the return of their own festival in a 12th-century castle.

English alternative rock band, Seapower (formerly known as British Seapower) made up of Yan Wilkinson, Hamilton Wilkinson, Martin Noble, Matthew Wood, Phil Sumner and Abi Fry with three members native to Natland, Cumbria will be releasing their latest album ‘Everything Was Forever’ on Friday, February 18.

Everything Was Forever is heralded by the new single "Two Fingers", one of many highlights from the album.

"Two Fingers" is a potential anthem for these troubled times. The words take in mortality, defiance, HP Lovecraft and V signs. The song’s chorus centres on the gesticulation that can signal both contempt and resolution (V for victory).

Co-frontman Yan Wilkinson said: “The song is part inspired by our late dad.

“He was always giving a two-fingered salute to people on the telly – a kind of old-fashioned drinking term, toasting people or events: ‘I’ll drink two fingers to that’, to some news item or to memories of a childhood friend.

“In the song it’s a toast to everyone, remembering those in our lives and those sadly no longer here and to making the world a better place.”

The band occupy a fascinating position in 2021. Mercury-nominated. BAFTA-winning – for the soundtrack to the million-selling, multi-award-winning computer game Disco Elysium. Their lyrics have become part of a permanent installation at London’s National Maritime Museum, alongside Shakespeare and Coleridge.

Sea Power announced the second running of their micro-festival, to be held on the wild and beautiful western edge of the English Lake District.

Krankenhaus Festival will take place at Muncaster Castle, a striking and ancient outpost near Ravenglass by the West Cumbrian coast.

SP will be playing at least twice at Krankenhaus Festival, alongside a range of other attractions, including a full bill of supporting artists.

Guitar player for the band, Martin Noble said himself and the band are looking forward to return to the area.

He said: “We absolutely love coming to Ravenclass and performing, it’s quite remote but that’s key for us, you can get to it by train which is great.

“Muncaster castle is a really beautiful spot, the bird of prey will have a showing and the grounds will be open for people to look around too, it’s a really boutique small scale festival that people should get behind.”

For more information and tickets visit: https://www.seapowerband.com/.