KIRKBY Lonsdale Rugby had an unfortunate loss against the always difficult Macclesfield in their latest match.

Macclesfield had bounced back following two losses with a nine try win at Kirkby’s ground.

The tone of the match was set early on as Macclesfield were able to score a quick ride after a grubber kick allowed them to gain some ground.

Four minutes later, Kirkby was caught offside which handed Macclesfield the advantage which led to a line out.

They won the lineout and soon crossed over the line again to make it 14 points within ten minutes.

Despite being down Kirkby used every opportunity to fight back against the Macclesfield line.

However, they found it difficult to counter their opponents play as they were a man down due to a sin binning.

Kirkby Lonsdale raised the speed of the match and pressured the Macclesfield line on several occasions before the sin bin time was over.

The next try came shortly after Kirkby Lonsdale were fully manned again when Macclesfield break from a penalised scum for Kirkby to score under the posts.

35 minutes in, Kirkby put the pressure on once again, and although the ball was briefly taken by Macclesfield’s No 8, an ensuing ruck won it back.

Kirkby moved the ball quickly out to the left wing, finding the tightest of overlaps next to the touchline, but the ball was successfully shipped to winger Harry Huddleston, who sprinted up the touchline, round the defence and scored under the posts for a great try.

This was followed by a skilful converted kick by Ben Charlesworth.

The try, however, was their only try of the game.

Macclesfield continued to continue despite the best efforts from Kirkby. They were able to hold off several waves of attack but their opponents kept breaking through.

Despite a brave performance and several moments of skilful play they were not able to replicate their earlier try.

The final score was 7 – 33 to Macclesfield.