A WOMAN has written a poem to encourage people to pray for the people of Ukraine.

Louise Hall, Kendal has printed over 100 copies of her poem, shared them in her church and posted them through people's letterboxes to get people to 'think and pray' for Ukraine. 

Louise has been writing a lot of poetry since the start of the coronavirus pandemic and believes she has written over 80 poems since. 

On Saturday 26, Louise went to verbalise at the Brewery Arts Centre to read the poem out and said it was the poem was 'very well received. 

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On why she wanted to write this poem, Louise said: "I have some friends who are Ukrainian and they are deeply affected by what is going on.

"It really touched my heart and seeing everything on the news and knowing that these people are going through hell, it's like a horror movie, words can't describe what they are going through."

Louise said that she uses writing as a way to express her feelings but to also help other people and show that they are not on their own. Adding "Everyone seems to be so affected by the war, even if not directly they are seeing it on the news and hearing about it and that is what drove me to write the poem."

Louise's poem has been shared with people living in Ukraine by members of Louise's church to encourage people in the country that people are still thinking about them and praying for them.