THREE Kendal women arrested for taking part in a climate protest have been released on bail.

The three women, Margaret Reid, Gwen Harrison, Catherine Rennie-Nash, all appeared in court in Birmingham on the morning of April 27 and have been released on bail until next May 4.

The women were supporters of Just Stop Oil, which have been closing down oil terminals across the country by blocking roads, scaling tankers and trespassing on the sites, causing nationwide fuel shortages.

The activists defied a High Court injunction on Tuesday morning by protesting outside the Kingsbury Oil Terminal in Warwickshire. 

13 other people were also arrested on suspicion of obstructing the highway and are being held in Nuneaton Police Station.

They are demanding that the UK Government immediately halts all future oil and gas projects.

A number of High Court injunctions have been issued in an attempt to deter protesters with harsh penalties – breaching such an injunction carries a potential two years prison sentence, seizure of assets and unlimited fines.