PRIMARY school children were ‘delighted’ after receiving a letter from the Queen thanking them for the drawings they sent her to celebrate the jubilee.

Children at Beetham CE Primary School have recently been learning about Queen Elizabeth II and her upcoming platinum jubilee.

To commemorate the occasion all the children have begun making souvenir plates.

And the school’s early year’s class drew portraits of the Queen and wrote letters to her congratulating her on her jubilee and asking lots of questions about her reign.

Making the journey to the nearest post office they sent off their letters and pictures and were astonished when they soon received an ‘official looking’ letter in return.

The Westmorland Gazette: THANKFUL: The Queen sent a letter to pupils thanking them for their letters and drawingsTHANKFUL: The Queen sent a letter to pupils thanking them for their letters and drawings

“They received a lovely card and a letter from the Queen, written and signed by her lady in waiting!” Said headteacher of Beetham CE Primary School, Abi Johnson.

“She thanked the children for their lovely work and for joining in the celebrations of the jubilee.

“It was wonderful for the children to see the process of letter writing and also to be able to receive correspondence from the Queen for their hard work.”

In the letter the Queen’s lady-in-waiting, Annabel Whitehead, said the Queen ‘appreciated the nice things’ the children said in their letters and thanked them for their good wishes.

Pupils were thrilled to get the letter.

Jack said: “It was exciting to get the letter from the Queen.”

While Charlie said: “It was brilliant to get the letter.”

And Ivy added: “It was brilliant to get our letter.”