STAFF at a school were ‘appalled’ after finding human excrement on the school’s field.

Burton Morewood Academy and Nursery, in Burton-in-Kendal, has issued a statement after a member of staff had to clean up the mess.

According to the school, it is one of a number of issues it has faced recently with the field.

Staff have warned the culprits that CCTV is currently being checked and details will be passed onto the police.

A spokesman from the school said: “Unfortunately, like another shared, community space in the village, we have had a couple of issues to deal with regarding the school field.

“Litter continues to be an issue, however, worryingly, we have had much worse to deal with in the last week or so.

“A member of our school staff has had to clean up human excrement from our school grounds this week.

“This, clearly, is not acceptable and we are appalled that someone would use a place where children learn and play to do this.

“CCTV will be checked, and names will be passed onto the police.

“As always, our school grounds are here for all to use and enjoy but we request that users respect and care for the grounds."