THE world's first contemporary art sculpture of Tyson Fury is up for sale.

The sculpture of the two-time world heavyweight champion, made of pipes is currently up for sale for £28,000.

The viral sculpture by Anthony Padgett was unveiled at Morecambe Bay Art Fair in 2021 prior to installation at Jo and Lees. 

The statue is placed on the site of the VVV gym and the cafe where Tyson used to train and eat.

Now the sculpture is up for sale, Anthony said: "Sadly whilst the owners of the cafe were happy for it to be sited the owners of the land were not. My subsequent proposal to the Hest Bank Parish Council to site the sculpture on adjacent land was rejected.

"I also contacted the Arts Officer about siting the sculpture. The sculpture is now on sale and in the meantime, I continue to look for alternative places in Morecambe or elsewhere for siting the iconic work. If publicly sited in Morecambe the sculpture will not require the sale fee."

The Westmorland Gazette:

Another piece from the series "The Eric Morecambe" is for sale at the Beach Bird. A limited-edition of 10 at a special offer of £200 each. 

Anthony said: "The next Morecambe Bay Art Fair 2022 will be August 13-14th at the Platform. Readers can please contact me if they would like a stall.

"I've made a special relief of the Queen for the Jubilee celebration and this will be on exhibition at the Fair. There will also be a painting competition in Morecambe on the Saturday daytime with a prize for the winning entry."