A Kendal headteacher said that girls that go to his school have "a really strong uptake" for science subjects. 

This was in response to Cambridge physicist Professor Dame Athene Donald telling MPs that girls do not take science A-Level because they think that Physics is only a subject for white boys. 

In 2021, 23% of physics A-level entrants were female.

However Jon Hayes, Headteacher for Queen Katherine School said: 

"I have seen the headlines and that's not something we recognise.

The girls are well aware that they are more than capable of getting the highest grades at GCSE and A-level and are supported to do that." 

Mr Hayes also responded to a controversial statement made by social mobility adviser and head teacher Katehrine Birbalsingh that Physics was not a subject girls "tend to fancy." 

"To say that 50% of your population doesn't like hard sums is ridiculous."

Mrs Birbalsingh later admitted that her language was clunky. 

Dr Jasper Green from Ofsted has said that school inspectors were already addressing how to improve girls' participation in science and maths,

"But we are focusing on the quality of education, on education, on subjects, and all of those moves are the right ones to encourage wider participation at A-level."