Cumbria Wildlife Trust celebrate world bee day through re-wilding the Lakes.

A project manager for Cumbria Wildlife Trust, Tanya St. Pierre said:

"We are working with businesses and landowners to rewild parts of the Lake District to help with bee populations.

There is a bit of a declining trend with bees in Cumbria in-line with the rest of the planet because of issues such as climate change and ongoing habitat loss. But we can reverse this trend through positive steps." 

This is part of the Planting for Pollinators scheme that is funded by the Green Recovery Challenge Fund and the Environment Fund.

Bees are crucial to the plant ecology of the Lake District. Tanya said: 

"There are certain species of wildflowers that require certain species of bees to pollinate. If we lose those bees we lose those flowers." 

However, Tanya said that we can all contribute to help the bees: 

"Currently we are in No Mow May. If you leave part or all of your lawn to grow over this will help increase biodiversity in your back garden. You can also plant more wild plants in your garden-the more variety the better."

The Wildlife Trust will also be hosting bee walks at Bowber Head Farm next month to raise money.