A science engagement group that works with children in South Cumbria wants more girls to go into STEM.

UlverSTEM released a statement today:

"Our vision is to ensure that all STEM subjects are as inclusive and interesting as possible to boys and girls of all ages." 

This is in response to Cambridge physicist Professor Dame Athene Donald telling MPs that girls do not take physics at A-level because they think the subject is only for white boys.

Jon Hayes, headteacher for Queen Katherine School in Kendal told the Westmorland Gazette that this "isn't something that we recognise.

The girls are well aware that they are more than capable of getting the highest grades at GCSE and A-level and are supported to do that."  

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UlverSTEM is a travelling science group run by Furness Education and Skills Partnership (FESP). 

They put on science events for kids to get them involved and interested in the subject. 

FESP is a partnership of schools, colleges, local employers and agencies. 

The next event run by UlverSTEM is the Furness STEM Show is on Tuesday 24th May and will be hosted in Furness College in Barrow-in-Furness.