THREE generous and caring children have made the shortlist for Pride of Cumbria’s Young Person of the Year award.

Jessica and Kaitlyn Graham, Louis Hoskin and Lily Armstrong have made the final three for the award after being nominated for their philanthropic deeds.

Jessica and Kaitlyn Graham have had to deal with a lot of the last few years. They had to come to terms with losing their father, Luke, in the middle of pandemic and were not able to be with him due to Covid.

They have done numerous fundraisers for cancer and help support their mother throughout.

The Westmorland Gazette: NOMINEES: The Graham girls still need to pick an outfit for the event!NOMINEES: The Graham girls still need to pick an outfit for the event!

The girl’s nominator said: “They show such bravery and maturity and are a complete inspiration to us all, the way they get back up and still find the energy to fundraise.”

Kaitlyn said she was a little “bit excited but little bit nervous” for the event, whilst Jessica said: “I felt amazed because I had never really heard about it before but I am shocked, excited and nervous”.

I asked the girls what they had done to lead to this nomination, they said: “We are very brave, strong and supportive. We also done a haircut in memory of dad” Kaitlyn said.

“We peddled 90 miles in memory of my dad, as a family,” Jessica said.

However, the girls have not picked out an outfit for the big day yet!

The Westmorland Gazette: NOMINEE: Louis' love for the army has helped his charitable pursuitsNOMINEE: Louis' love for the army has helped his charitable pursuits

The next nominee is 8-year-old, Louis Hoskin who raised £8,000 for veterans. Louis is an army-mad young saxophonist from Kirkby Lonsdale and has raised over £8,000 since the start of the summer holiday for the Ancre Somme Association, a charity that honours fallen servicemen, women, and animals.

The charity also helps those suffering with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Louis' father, Philip Hoskin, a teacher at Sedbergh Prep School, said: "Helping those struggling with PTSD is a cause very dear to us.

Louis was inspired to take up the cause when he met Colin MacLachlan, formerly of 22 SAS and the Patron of the Ancre Somme Association, and Louis made a promise to try to support and honour British soldiers however he could.

Louis’ efforts touched the hearts of his nominators who were filled with praise for his commendable work.

The Westmorland Gazette: NOMINEE: Lily is excited but nervous for the eventNOMINEE: Lily is excited but nervous for the event

Lily Armstrong is a 11 year old girl who lives in Maryport in West Cumbria. She is described as a bright and bubbly young lady with a heart of gold and a sense of duty beyond her years. Her warm personality encourages people to  happily donate and have a chat.

Every year Lily helps with the local poppy appeal, and she does this in numerous ways; from the simple making of pictures for her neighbours to put in their windows to help raise awareness of the appeal.

She also makes things such as loom bands, bookmarks and pictures to sell and donates all of the proceeds to the poppy appeal; she also helps man the stall to sell poppies and poppy merchandise.

She acts as a buddy/mentor at her local school helping younger people who are struggling in school. She upcycles materials at home to make some of the products she sells on behalf of charities and combined the collection of these while undertaking a step challenge 350,000 steps and raising £200.

Lily’s countless charitable ventures have her to this nomination as her nominator says: “Her selfless nature has her constantly looking at charitable causes which not only need money but sometimes it is about being there for people in person and Lily willing does this day in day out.”

Lily said she was a mix of emotions: “I am happy and excited but shocked” and she feels 'proud' of herself.

Lily said she was 'very excited' and has surprised a family friend with a ticket.