ARNSIDE was serenaded by a very talented young girl from Ukraine who has moved to the area with her mother.

Sonya Petrova, 12-years-old, sang a traditional Ukrainian song at the Big Jubilee Lunch held at the weekend, after only arriving in the area a few months prior.

In Ukraine, Sonya is a talented singer, who had previously sung with some of their most prestigious venues in Ukraine, had moved to England six weeks ago with her mother.

She is a Grade Eight in both singing and piano and has recently began attending Dallam School.

Rebecca Ladell, Sonya's sponsor, welcomed her and her mother into her home after they left the country following the Russian invasion.

She said: “It’s been a pleasure having them live with me. We met her and her mother online before they came to live us with.

“Since coming her she’s been getting sponsored lessons by a professional singer named Rachel Little, who is part of the Amabile Girls' Choir in Kendal.

“She is also getting piano lessons from David Battersby.

“Her dream is to be on the stage in London.

“We are trying to get her into the Manchester Royal Northern College of Music which starts in September. She’s also applied for the London National Youth Music Theatre summer school. We are trying to get funding together for her to go.

“When Sonya sang there wasn’t a dry eye anywhere. We didn’t know the words, but it made everyone emotional.”

Anna Gorst of the Arnside Homes for Ukraine said: “We’ve seen a massive effort from the village to support our Ukrainian guests and it’s incredible to have such a talented girl here.

“We have about 40 people coming from the Ukraine. 23 have already arrived so far.

“Myself, Rebecca and David Gee are trustees of our small charity, and we are in the process of getting it registered.

“Councillor Helen Chaffey has been very supportive and involved in the whole thing as well.

“Sonya's singing was absolutely amazing and really moving. There were lots of tears right from the opening bars.”

Visit to donate toward the charity’s support of families from Ukraine.