OVER the weekend, Appleby Horse kicked off as thousands of travellers and tourists flocked to Eden for Appleby Horse Fair.

The Westmorland Gazette: HORSE: Horse was not the only mode of transport this weekendHORSE: Horse was not the only mode of transport this weekend

The fair saw masses of vehicles including cars, vans, mobile homes, an array of caravans and horse drawn carraiges arrive. The vehicles saw queues of traffic form around the area as some businesses decided to close for the occassion.

The fair predicted that there was 10,000 gypsies and travellers, over 30,000 other visitors who attended the annual event.

This years event is the first full June gathering for three years, after last year's fair was put back until August.

The only other time the event was cancelled was in 2001 during the foot and mouth epidemic.

The Westmorland Gazette: WEATHER: The weather for the weekend was cloudyWEATHER: The weather for the weekend was cloudy

The RSPCS had to reiterated a warning not to buy puppies from Appleby Horse Fair after police seized puppies at the event over the weekend.

The welfare charity said Cumbria Police had seized the animals as evidence of 'illegal puppy selling'.

Furthermore, two men were arrested and enhanced police stop and search powers were introduced. A Section 60 order was put in place when Cumbria Police became aware of people heading to Appleby with the "intention of causing disorder".

There were also a number of weapon seizures.

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