Kendal’s team consisting of 9 to 11 year old swimmers made the trip to Penrith to compete in Cumbria’s Diddy League Meet.

The team got a solid start with the girls combining well to take 3rd place in the 6 x 25m Freestyle Relay, followed by the boys swimming the same event.

Logan Pinder led them out and took it on with a superb effort, handing over to Finley Wood who kept up the pace and held off challenges before getting Elliot Dart into the mix.

George Kinnear also surged forward giving Jack Carradice the chance to build their lead and look to anchor man Jake Smith to give them their first win.

The team then went through the first quarter with more outstanding swims and producing well-earned points with 2nd and 3rd places.

Dart took on 50 Breaststroke and held his nerve to outwit his opponents and take the win for 50 Breaststroke Whilst the 11yr old girls swam a brilliant 4 x 25 Freestyle Relay but had to settle for 2nd place. This put Kendal in the lead with 38 points ahead of Cockermouth and Barrow.

The second quarter got off to a flyer with brilliant combination of swimmers in the 4 x 25 Mixed Medley Relay. Jessica Atkinson stormed away at Backstroke and a superb takeover from Ava Dixon into Breaststroke which left Harriet Stainer dominating at Butterfly and allowed anchor Indie Brookes an easy run for victory with her Freestyle.

In this session the Backstroke swimmers were outstanding with George Kinnear dominating and producing a magnificent win over 50m. The 9yrs 4 x 25 Freestyle also brought a popular victory from the youngsters with Finlay Wood, Freddie Cunliffe, Harrison Dodd-Hemmingway, and Logan Pinder getting the win ahead of Penrith. Great individual performances from Felicity Pattinson, Jake Smith, Sasha Whitehead, and Kara Van Der Merve kept Kendal well ahead with 74 points.

The next session brought Kendal mixed results, but all stuck to their task and gave their best.

Their only win came from the 10yr old Boys Medley Relay with Lochlan Heddle (Backstroke), Alex Wood (Breaststroke), George Kinnear (Butterfly) and Elliot Dart (Freestyle) performed brilliantly and had too much skill for their opponents and timed their swims to the finish with perfection.

However, results elsewhere saw Kendal hang on to their lead with 103 points, but Barrow came through into 2nd place ahead of Cockermouth. So, into the final session and Kendal knew all they had to do was maintain their form and steady the ship to finish as winners.

Speed merchant Pattinson turned it on at 50 Freestyle and in a storming finish took 2nd place. The 11yrs girls Medley team combined to secure another 2nd place with all of them working together brilliantly.

The team completed the Meet with a series of 3rd places which saw them victorious overall. Final placings were Kendal – 132 points, Cockermouth – 113 points, Barrow – 112 points, Penrith – 102 points, Workington – 68 points.