LOWGILL Sport saw an incredible series of results in their latest events on Tatham Fells.

Taking place on the weekend of June 11, the event saw Presidents' Peter and Mary Longton began the afternoon with a welcome to those in attendance.

Peter spoke of his attempt at the Fell Race and remarked how good it was to be enjoying the sports again after a two year break.

The very strong winds did not dampen the enthusiasm of the large crowd with 79 runners in the senior Fell Race.

Peter did not join them but he and Mary did attempt the Blind Sheep Dog trials; a new obstacle race that caused much hilarity during the afternoon. The real sheep dog trials were unable to run due the road closure at Hollinhurst Brow.

Gayle Batty presented a bouquet to Mary Taylor and thanked her for her long service to the sports.

Peter and Mary judged the fancy dress competition and later in the day presented awards and trophies.

The Diamond Jubilee cup was presented to Grace Hodgson, winner of the girls under 13 pillow fight.

The John Morgan Award for outstanding athlete on the night was won by Thomas Corlett. Tatham Fells children’s hand writing and drawing competition was won by Harry Moore.

Qoits Open men: Edward Huddleston. Novice: James Barge

Fancy Dress winners: 1st Jack Taylor, Matthew Lawson and Eddie Taylor; Farm to Fork. 2nd Alexia Gardner; Mary had a Little Lamb. 3rd Anne Marie Huddleston; Queen and Paddington

Adult Sports

110yds men: Tom Batty. ladies: Emily Swarbrick. 220yds men: Thomas Corlett. ladies: Olivia Oldham. 440yds men: Thomas Corlett. ladies: Sophie Leadbetter. Mile men: Thomas Corlett. ladies: Penelope Boyle. Potato Race men: Thomas Corlett. ladies: Olivia Oldham. Sack race men: Alan Taylor. ladies: Emily Swarbrick. Egg Throwing: Jenny Strickland, Catherine Strickland. Plank Race: Gayle Denny, Simon Denny, Danielle Stancliffe, Ben Stancliffe. Tug of War: Jo’s Babes. Dumpy Sack race: Alan Taylor, Thomas Corlett.

Pillow Fight men: Alan Taylor. ladies: Rosie Hodgson. Under13 boys: Jack Mason. girls: Grace Hodgson

Children’s Sports

Flat Race: Pre-school and Reception: Seb Oliver. Yr 1: Ava McGranaghan.Yr 2: Rowan Idris. Yr 3: Callum McGoldrich.Yr 4: Josh Jebb. Yr 5: Theo Zabklicki. Yr 6: Jack Mason. Seniors Yr 7 & 8 Girls: Isla Permain. Yr 7 & 8 Boys: Elliot Shackleton. Yr 9 & 10 Girls: Sophie Leadbetter. Yr 9 & 10 Boys: Oscar Shinn. Egg & Spoon: Reception & Preschool: Henry Hodgkinson. Yr 1: Lottie Hodgkinson. Yr 2: Lily Rose Blacow. Yr 3: Seth Ray. Yr 4: Tommy Hewitt. Yr 5: Finley Thompson. Yr 6: Milly Read.Seniors Yr 7 & 8 Girls: Betsy Willis Yr 7 & 8 Boys: Joseff Tamrel. Yr 9 & 10 Girls: Sophie Leadbetter. Yr 9 & 10 Boys; John Williamson. Potato Race Pre-school Reception: Seb Oliver. Yr 1: Sammy Blacow. Yr 2: Finlay Whitaker. Yr 3: Finley Mickel. Yr 4: Josh Jebb. Yr 5: Alice White. Yr 6 Girls: Milly Reid. Yr6Boys: Jack Mason. Yr 7 & 8 Girls: Betsy Willis. Yr 7 & 8 Boys: Noah Zablicki. Yr 9 & 10 Girls: Olivia Oldham. Yr 9 & 10: Joe Hillborne Sackrace: Pre-school & Reception: Jessica Stancliffe. Yr 1: Ava Mcgranaghan. Yr 2: Lily Rose Blackow. Yr 3: Seth Ray. Yr 4: Josh Jebb. Yr 5: Maddie Stachlam. Yr 6 Girls: Annabell Hienz. Yr 6 Boys: Ewan Angus. Yr 7 & 8 Girls: Penelope Boyle. Yr 7 & 8 Boys: Ben Brassington. Yr 9 & 10 Girls: Sophie Leadbetter. Yr 9 & 10: Noah Wadsworth.