THOUSANDS of people gathered in the town of Ulverston on the weekend to celebrate Another Fine Fest.

Another Fine Fest which first burst onto the scenes in 2014 is a free event for all the community to enjoy.

The streets were packed full of people from across Cumbria who got together to enjoy, music, comedy, food, street art and theatre, in celebration of Ulverston and the birth of its most famous son, Stan Laurel.

One of the festivals entertainers was Steve Jarvis, who was part of the meladrome stage, on why festivals like this are so important he said: "It's all to do with coming together, it's all to do with standing shoulder to shoulder and looking each other in the face again.

"We have missed it so much and people are desperate for real-life interactions again."

The Westmorland Gazette: HAPPY: Volunteers with Another Fine Fest programmeHAPPY: Volunteers with Another Fine Fest programme

This year was the first time the festival has returned to the streets of Ulverston. Last year the festival was cancelled so that organisers could focus all of their efforts on 2022 'creating the biggest and best festival possible for their return'.

On why he wanted to get involved, Mr Jarvis said: "I have been doing this for three or four years and I absolutely love it, the energy, the variety of people that come here, the music that is what I am here for.

"I work with the meladrome stage, we have come here to be your main stage."

The festival organisers pride themselves on bringing people together and with 11 stages/official venues and wandering acts entertaining people throughout the town, there really is something for everyone to enjoy.

The Westmorland Gazette: FUN: Beth Harrington and Carrie BostokFUN: Beth Harrington and Carrie Bostok

Julia Byrne, a volunteer at Another Fine Fest, she said: "It's a good festival for everyone, for the community and the businesses. It is a great vibe, it has a really good community spirit it's amazing.

"It has been buzzing since I got here at 10am and it will only get busier."

This year once again saw an award-winning comedy lineup giving the crowd a sneak preview of their new Edinburgh Fringe shows, ahead of their month-long stint in the Scottish capital.