A brass-band competition returned to Kirkby Lonsdale for the first time since the pandemic. 

An array of bands from across the north-west were blowing their best tunes to a panel of judges in the town square. 

Keith Pryce, from the organising committee said:  "It has been running a number of years now, it is going on thirty years or more at least.

"It was started up for unregistered bands. It is very, very, important to us that anyone can come and play.

"It is important to Kirkby, the people love to see us playing-it's another attraction as a tourist area the local businesses do well from it.

"It's a great little competition-a nice social event." 

When asked about how it felt to have the competition back after COVID, Keith said: "It's really nice to see the bands again, we have waited three years for this music so let's get on." 

The competition is split into many categories, with Morecambe Brass Band winning the most entertaining band and Brindle winning the best march. 

The Westmorland Gazette: The brass band ensemble wearing red noses The brass band ensemble wearing red noses

However Keith said: "The judge who looks at the playing gets quite technical. 

"People are just happy to see it happen again."