A GROUP of 'clueless kidults' are to be taken on a survival mission in the countryside in a new Netflix reality show filmed in the Lake District.

The programme, Snowflake Mountain, is a new UK reality show which has been launched today for streaming.

Snowflake Mountain will see “a bunch of clueless kidults who aren’t yet living to their full potential” taken out into the wilderness for a “survival retreat”.

The contestants will have no running water or internet in the programme, which will be filmed with an international cast.

During the course of the programme they will “learn to graduate as fully-functioning adults”, the statement said.

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Liam Brown, one of the contestants, said to Mike Zeller on BBC Radio Cumbria this morning that he's in need of tough love: "I just needed a reality check, and it definitely gave me one.

"We were all tricked into thinking we were going on a party show, it was called ‘Living Your Best Life’, so we thought we'd be partying and making loads of friends.

"Little did we know, during the process they've actually spoken with our parents, and they've signed us up for this.

“When I first arrived, I (was) a bit like 'Why am I here, I don't need to be here!'.

"There's a bit in the middle where there's a realisation that actually things do need to change.

"I didn't even know what a snowflake was, so I did have to search it which is pretty ironic.

"I think I have changed now but at the time of filming I was definitely a snowflake.

"I've never been to Cumbria or the Lake District before, I’m really not an outdoorsy person, they just dropped us and drove off, we all stood there thinking 'where's the villa?'.

"These two hosts Matt and Joel came and that's where it all started.

"When we first met them, they said we just need to prep essentials in our bag.”

He and other contestants packed suitcases with luxuries which the hosts carried to their destination: “We thought this is like a concierge service, we walked for ages and ages and they actually blew our cases up, so we were only left with what we put in our essentials bag.

"Before, I was living at home working at a job I didn’t really enjoy and since leaving the show I’ve got my own apartment in Manchester, I’m working in a global fashion brand which is my dream job, so I feel like it just gives you the kick that you need, it transformed me.”

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