A POPULAR Kendal clothing shop has served its community since returning from lockdown and rebuilt its staff after trade returned.

White Stuff, located on Finkle Street, is well-known for selling clothes, accessories for men and women, and using nature-inspired prints on its designs.

Despite being forced to close during lockdown and having to furlough its staff, the shop has rebuilt its team and continues to find success since reopening.

The shop has gathered positive reviews online and has been praised by the public for its service and products.

Manager Emma Hindle, who has been part of the business since they opened seven years earlier, has also worked for White Stuff for 15 years.

She said: "I've lived in Windermere but all of my team are local to Kendal and the surrounding areas.

"It's a collection of home-grown workers.

"At the moment we have ten on our payroll and we're always looking for more.

"The design team is based in London and they create a collection of designs around elements for our prints.

"We unfortunately had to close during lockdown and we were all put on furlough during the 18-month period. We did lose a percentage of the team and we lost 30 per cent of our own in this shop. But we were able to react very quickly. The company was able to build back up very quickly.

"It was a difficult upon reopening but the customer base bounced back very quick and we had full support from the community when we returned.

"Our regulars came back very quickly and we've even welcomed a lot of new faces to come and see us too.

"We were open as soon as retail was allowed to.

"We know them all by name and all our customers are really supportive.

"They all really like the staff we have here and they've been working since day one.

"In Kendal we find that both ladies and men's wear have been popular. We sell dresses, shirts, and everything in between. Anything people need we can provide.

"Our products come in every two weeks, and we have just started our new financial year. We are looking forward to the summer and winter seasons but people have bounced back to normal very quickly.

"Our staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and very honest when they are working. They look to support our customers and are very well-trained.

"We are geared up and ready to move forward as a business and look forward to bringing in more people in the coming months."