EIGHT SCHOOLCHILDREN from Cartmel went to Wimbledon after winning the tickets in the Wimbledon School Draw. 

Sally Hill, the P.E. teacher from Cartmel Priory CofE school was the teacher that organised the trip. 

The school regularly went to Wimbledon through winning tickets in the draw, but COVID stopped the trips.

Four children from the junior school and four children from the secondary school went to the games on July 8, as they were involved in the school tennis teams. 

They got to see Alfie Hewett play for three hours to beat Gustavo Fernández 2-6, 7-6 (3), 7-5 in the men’s semi-final. 

They also saw Cameron Norrie play through a stream into the second court.

Ms. Hill said: "It was absolutely stunning to watch. I was captivating to watch the Cameron Norrie stream on second court. We all had strawberries and cream. I have watched it on TV for so many years and the kids were in awe.

"We also saw the boys junior competition, the boys said 'they look just like us.' 

"After COVID it was a real experience. It inspired them when they returned to tennis practice back at Cartmel."

The school hopes to return next year.