STUDENTS at Ulverston Victoria High School painted the office of St Mary's Hospice for their final week. 

This was part of their enrichment week, where all of the A-Level students at the High School volunteered at different organisations across Ulverston. 

This was the first time the school could do this fully since before the pandemic. 

Matt Sims, the 6th form assistant director said: "Because this was the year group that did not do GCSEs properly last year, so they didn't really get to enjoy a full enriching experience. 

"I think they were all really grateful for the fact they could go and do it again." 

Karl Connor, the head of communications at St Mary's Hospice said: "It was fantastic to welcome the pupils. They did a good job, learning a new skill.

"We have a great relationship with Ulverston Victoria High School, and a number of pupils and former pupils have volunteered individually with us in the past, but this was the first time they'd done a group activity like this." 

Matt said: "I think there's a tendency to think that sixth form is all about A Levels. It is important to get an extra dimension of how society works."