AN INDEPENDENT cinema boss is looking to the future as a community group wades through the process of buying the building in which it operates to secure its future.

Plans are in place for The Roxy Collective to purchase the Roxy building after tens of thousands of pounds were raised by the community.

And coinciding with the release of a promotional video for the cinema, proprietor Charles Morris explains that he has a positive outlook for the future of the cinema.

He pointed to the communal experience of enjoying a picture with a group of people around you as to why the business will flourish in the future.

Charles Morris, proprietor of Northern Morris Cinemas, said: "The cinema does have a future, having several people around you makes for a totally different experience, there is nothing like seeing a film in the company of others."

Mr Morris described how important he thinks the Roxy is to the future of the town.

"This 1,200 seat cinema was super, especially for a town the size of Ulvertston," he said.

"And in the last 14 years, we have built it up quite significantly. We have a very active film club which shows the more esoteric films once a month, which is a very popular event.

"We show It's A Wonderful Life every year on Christmas Eve and we are always full to the brim with that one.

"It is such a joy running the cinema and there are not many towns this size which still have a proper independent cinema which still has the ambience of a 1930s cinema.

"It's a bit of a focal point - you see people meeting in the foyer and seeing people they know who they did not expect to see."

The fundraiser to buy the building was set up by The Roxy Collective – a group of Ulverstonians formed in April with the aim of purchasing the Roxy building and maintaining the businesses which are already there; The Roxy Cinema, Laurel and Hardy Museum, U-Gym Ulverston and 808010 Productions.

The group is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company (CIC). It has set out a three-phase plan; to purchase the building, to renovate it and collaborate with people in developing its community initiatives.