A NEWBY Bridge holiday park has applied for permission to build six new lodges.

Buck Yeats Park, established in 1953, and located at the southern tip of Windermere, has applied to the Lake District National Park Authority for permission to extend its current offering of 12 holiday lodges.

The planning statement says the applicants had been on a programme of thinning the dense woodland around the park.

"Storm Arwen struck during these works and resulted in the loss and damage of a significant area of woodland, which required further tree removal to remove dead, damaged, or unsafe species," it said.

"The resulting open space created potential for development where it did not before.

"The proposal is to utilise the newly-opened space to expand the current tourist site with a further six lodges.

"Four of the lodges will be located off the existing road, and the other two from the new/improved spur road.

"There will be four units at 40 feet by 22 feet and two at 40 feet by 20 feet.

"All will meet the definition of a caravan.

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