A CUMBRIAN police chief has met with the Prime Minister to talk about her time in the police and encourage others to join the force.

Chief Constable Michelle Skeer met with Prime Minister Boris Johnson alongside two other member of the force from around the country.

Michelle, who has been in the force for 32 years, sat down with the prime Minister and two other police officers at different stages of their careers, as part of a short film.

The Prime Minister said: "People need to have a police officer they can relate to in their area.

"I think that I'm right in saying that of the officers we've just been recruiting I think 42 per cent of them are now female. Has it changed over your career - a massive innings?"

Michelle said: "Absolutely. Well, I have been in Cumbria all of my service. I've gone from Police Constable to Chief Constable in Cumbria, which is a bit unusual.

"The fundamentals have stayed the same so it's still about public service, still about communication, but actually we've just been talking about how much more complex it is perhaps.

"And actually some of the other things that we deal with now in terms of the things that we do in terms of mental health."

Mr Johnson said: "We do rely so much on the police. Police have to bear the brunt of so much stuff."

However, Michelle told the Prime Minister that it is still 'a fantastic job'.