NOLAN Teubel, 27, came to the UK to visit his wife's family and his university friend - and left wearing a Bluebirds scarf. 

Despite Nolan attending the April 22 Cumbria derby, which Barrow lost in a 0-1 victory to Carlisle, this did not dampen his new-found passion for the club.

Nolan went with his friend Alex Birkett, who he met at the University of Iowa.

Alex is from Kendal but his family are Barrow AFC fans.

Nolan said: “Originally we were trying to go to the Manchester United vs. Chelsea game. So they said: 'Hey let's go to this, it will be fun to see what is going on.

“I said any game you take me to I’m sure I will love it. We drove from Kendal to Barrow and I was amazed. I love it. The opposing fans were insane, they were crazy people – we were cheering and chanting it was very fun to be there.”

The Westmorland Gazette: Nolan at the game against CarlisleNolan at the game against Carlisle (Image: Nolan Teubel)

Nolan said that a trip to the Dock Museum before the game helped him to understand the 'gritty' northern town and the club’s working-class roots.

He said: “Everyone was super nice. I also had to get a pie. I am very happy I went to the museum first, I saw this was Barrow.”

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Nolan, from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, has now started following League 2 games with his friends in the US. His fellow Americans have become especially interested as Wrexham will be promoted into the league next season under the ownership of Hollywood celebrities Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds.

The story of Wrexham’s rise has been covered in a popular documentary called Welcome to Wrexham, which has raised the profile of non-Premier League football to people in the States.

Nolan visits the UK around once a year. He said that he hopes he will watch a game the next time he goes to England. However, while he is in the US, he is looking for a way to keep up beyond following the club online.