THE MAYOR of Manchester Andy Burnham made a surprise appearance at Kendal Calling introducing the Saturday headliners Blossoms. 

Before the Stockport band came on stage, the Labour mayor introduced them as 'the north west's finest.'

He said: "Kendal Calling, how are you doing? This is the Mayor of Greater Manchester reporting for duty! 

"I’m just here to check that you’re all ok, yeah, all ok? You having a good time? Isn’t the North West of England the best place on earth? It is, isn’t it? 

"And do you know where the coolest place in the North West is right now? It’s not Liverpool… it's not even Manchester... it's Stockport! 

"Stockport, honestly it is. And do you know why Stockport is the coolest place in the North West? Because ten years ago, five lads got together and they formed a band, and they named it after the local pub.

"And ten years later, they smashed Glastonbury, and now they’re headlining the biggest festival in the North West. 

"Kendal Calling, give it up for Stockport’s finest, the North West’s finest, give it up for Blossoms!”