A lead vocalist is relishing the chance to perform timeless classics of a reformed English pop band in Kendal.  

Gaz Birtles will co-star alongside Alison Wheeler as The South - a nine-piece band set to perform The Beautiful South’s biggest hits at the Kendal Arts Brewery Centre on August 4 at 7.30pm.

The South were founded in 2017 after members of The Beautiful South decided they weren’t quite ready to hang up their microphones or instruments.

Alison Wheeler (vocals), Gaz Birtles (vocals), Phil Barton (guitars), Steve Nutter (bass), Dave Anderson (drums), Karl Brown (percussion), Gareth John (trumpet), Su Robinson (sax) and Andy Price (keyboards) now make up the band.

“We are really excited to come back to Kendal,” Gaz said. "It’s a gorgeous place and I remember the venue well. Playing anywhere up north is always a joy for us but playing in Kendal is even better.

“It’s brilliant being on tour and we’re getting a great reaction. I think what’s happening is people are coming out and having a good time now watching live music after COVID. The main thing is seeing people with smiles on their faces.

“I’m hopeful of selling out the gig. I think we’ve got about another 100 tickets to sell. It will be another hot and sweaty one."

Gaz made the switch from saxophonist to fronting the band when Dave Hemmingway, the former lead singer called it a day in 2016 - a decision that came naturally to him.

In the 1980s he was a singer with The Newmatics and the Swinging Laurels, who were signed to Warner Brothers supporting huge bands like the Culture Club featuring Boy George.

He added: “It’s like it was always meant to be. I’m loving it.

“When Dave Hemmingway decided to pack it all in, I thought well I know the songs and I’m also a singer in previous bands, so it was an obvious choice to give me a go and it’s worked out really well.

“It’s great to sing our old songs like Perfect 10, Rotterdam and A Little Time, they are just timeless classics. However, my favourite song to sing is Let Love Speak Up Itself because of the high notes at the end.

“We’ve also got our trumpet player Gareth (John) to sing a few songs like The Beautiful South did because they had two male vocalists. It means I get to go back on the saxophone for a couple of songs too, so I get the best of both worlds.”

Tickets cost £25.50 and be purchased at: https://www.breweryarts.co.uk/event/the-south-2/