The pace of island life changes like theweather.

But with the summer season entertainment likeSurvivor and Big Brother - fading, one wonders what windows on the worldwide web we can gaze through to keep our interest peaked.

Anonline search turned up some interesting options - regarding nature, spaceand people online.

With Jeffry Archer's financial shenanigansjust exposed to the world, what are other politicians up to? Why not checkout your local MEPs who have just aired their financial laundryonline.

All of Westmorland's Euro MPs have made theirfinancial interests publicly available by authorising them to be publishedon the Internet.

To find the register of interests, visit theEuropean Parliament website at and follow the Membersof European Parliament link, then click on the Union Jackicon.

Internet giant MSN has selected a UK town for thelocation of the world's first internet bench.

Bury StEdmunds, Suffolk, celebrated the new feature, and now you can see and beseen - whilst surfing on your notebook in the park.

Up to fourpeople at a time can sit down, roll up their sleeves, don their shades andplug their notebook computer into the bench's arm rests.

It'sMicrosoft's vision of bringing the internet to people wherever they areand trying to integrate it with the environment.

Check it outon

Although designed so people can plug in theirnotebooks, someone powered up their phone and called Bill Gate's office!They only got as far as his secretary.

The proof is in theeating though.

And this innovation does provide the best ofboth worlds - the great outdoors and the World Wide Web all in oneplace.

Who said computers weren't environmentallyfriendly?

If that is too grounded, visit for aspace age approach to life for everything from broadcasts, daily `spacescopes', and the inside track to what sci-fi fans are watching,listening to and partaking in these days.

Why not joinin?

Speaking of taking a look - don't forget to enter yourfavourite pictures in the `My Vacation in Cumbria' photocontest.

Winners will have their photo(s) posted and win a prize.

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The Westmorland Gazetteis also running its annual Bonny Baby and Bonny Toddlercompetition.

Prizes and a donation to the Twinkle Fund charitymake it all worthwhile.

Check The Westmorland Gazette forcompetition details.

thisis site of the week: With the finalchapter on Coniston's speed hero Donald Campbell sealed after the Furnesscoroner identified his remains, the story once again gets local andnational attention.

We have put all of this year's featurestories on one page for you on , withlinks on the home page mini menu and in the Featuressection.

The story isn't over, and the page will be updated asplans for his funeral -and the possibility of a Royal familypresence.

Stay tuned.