A HAUTE couture wedding dress created from recycled Newcastle United Football Cub shirts is causing a storm in both sporting and fashion circles.

As bizarre as it is beautiful, the dress was designed and made by Angy Morton –a fashion designer from Newby Bridge - as a visual protest at the continuing chaos at NUFC.

Mrs Morton and her husband Mike are both NUFC fans, but when Kevin Keegan left the club last month the couple tore up their football shirts in frustration.

“Newcastle United fans have a real love hate relationship with their team at the moment,” explained Mrs Morton. “So I thought tearing up the shirts and turning them into a wedding dress was a good way to express how we feel."

The dress will feature in a fashion show at Rheged near Penrith on October 10 and 11.

For more information visit www.romantiquecouture.com or phone 01539-530648.