JAW dropping songs are the name of the game for a new local band who are striking all the right notes.

Atlas, a truly professional outfit who originate from Kendal and Barrow, are the feature of the latest edition of Daniel’s Den, The Westmorland Gazette’s online music programme.

The soulful voice of Paul Coulton is complemented perfectly by guitarists Andy Pilkington and Kris Coulton, Ben Metsers on bass, and drummer James Davey. Each is as talented as the other, each as passionate about the music they make and where they want to take it.

They are backed up by the expertise of their producer and Kendal College music lecturer Tim Riley, who says the group stands out above the crowd of bands trying to break the music scene.

The Daniel’s Den team caught up with the band as they recorded ‘Departure’, a driving slow burner which builds to a crescendo and is typical of the boys’ songwriting ability.

You can see them at work by logging on to thewestmorlandgazette.co.uk/news/videos or typing in ‘daniel’s den atlas’ in the the search option. Alternatively, click on the 'Play Video' in this story.

Craig Buckley, who manages the band with Tim, believes they can go a long way and says their music captures the imagination of people of all ages.

“Their music is very intelligent, very well structured, and a lot of that is down to the band themselves.”