Sir, Re D.T. Halton’s and I. Voit’s letters to your page regarding fox hunting (Letters, November 14 – ‘Make your views count’), do they know anything about nature and wild life?

I spent most of my young life on farms with my sister in Worcester, Hereford, and thereabouts. I saw the harm done by foxes to baby lambs and chickens. They don’t just kill for food as people seem to think.

I’m not for hunting or against it, but what I am against are these politically correct people interfering in other people’s lives.

Do people who hunt tell D.T. Halton and I. Voit not to use their cars? Cars kill hundreds of people a year as I know to my cost. Far and away more than any foxes are killed, but you try stopping people using them. You would hear the screams from here to Timbuktu.

What do you want to ban next – fishing, dogs chasing cats, cats chasing birds and mice and playing with them till they die? Cruel to us, yes but that is nature. Go into the country, garden, wood, everything hunts and chases everything, sometimes for food, sometimes not.

I’ll join you and say to the silent majority of people who are sick of all this political correctness, and people interfering in other people’s lives, make your feelings known.

Joan Wills Kendal