ROAD grumbles rumble throughout our local history.

In 1634, three visitors to Kendal bemoaned that they had gone through “such wayes as we shall hope never to see againe, being no other but climbing and stoney and nothing but bogges and myres.”

In 1669, the inhabitants of Beetham, Milnthorpe and Heversham were ordered “to butt and flash their hedges hanging in the said way on pain of a fine of 10 shillings each and to stop up a lime kilne at Acquenthwaite on pain of 40 shillings.”

But, as usual, ‘they’ did nowt. Thus when in 1912 George Browne, High Constable of Kendal, ordered a survey of bridges and roads in the district he had nothing good to say about them as they were “decayed and ruinous by default of repairs, being bad, narrow or covered with yew hedges”.