AN elderly couple in Kendal have seen the worst flooding of their home in the 55 years they have lived there as waters rise around town this afternoon.

Christine and Geoffrey Davis, 85 and 84 respectively, of Low Garth, Hallgarth, are being helped by their daughter Rita Ross and other relatives who are bailing water out and saving possessions.

Mrs Ross said it was worst flooding her parents have seen in 55 years and have been forced to move upstairs.

The couple had just finished redecorating their home after the August floods left them devastating, and now must face the stress of redecorating once more.

Mrs Ross added: "We had the council and United Utilities down this morning but there isn't a lot they can do.

"The carpet is damaged. We have managed to move the furniture upstairs and we have sandbags inside and out.

"My parents have health problems and my mum is disabled.

"To have all this upheaval again is just getting to them and its just not fair."