AROUND twenty boats moored at Windermere Marina Village have sunk due to the floods.

The affected boats were all attached to fixed piers at the site.

Unlike boats tethered to floating buoys, they were unable to rise and fall with the changing water levels.

Some boats are fully submerged while others are sticking out the water.

Marina Village managing director Jason Dearden said staff had been re-adjusting moorings until 4am on Thursday when the floods hit.

Staff recommenced at 7am on Friday, but Mr Dearden said the volume of water – which rose around 4 feet in a few hours – meant staff were unable to keep up.

Staff are attempting to pump out boats still partially afloat. A recovery company will raise sunk vessels from the lakebed on Monday.

Holiday homes at the site have also been evacuated after water flooded into ground floor properties.

The business has stopped taking holiday bookings for a month.

If you have lost a boat in the floods, add your comments below.