TOM Fell of the Countryside Alliance claims that hunting is fully open and accountable' (Letters last week) and invites people along to National Newcomers Week to reach their own conclusions.

As a hunt monitor working with Protect Our Wild Animals (POWA), I can tell readers that hunts and their supporters make it as difficult as possible for us to film the reality of hunting.

They try to prevent us from filming anything they do not wish the public to see. Our view is blocked and we have to cope with intimidation and personal insults, accompanied by obscene gestures.

If hunting is to be open and accountable, I challenge the Countryside Alliance to let hunt monitors attend any hunt, allow us onto private property to witness and film dig outs' and allow us to film what I consider to be one of the most loathsome practises, euphemistically called autumn hunting'. In reality it is the savaging of cubs still partially dependent on their mothers.

If readers would like to see hunting with dogs made illegal this autumn, they should write to Tony Blair at Downing Street to ask him to keep his promise to reintroduce the Bill to ban it.

Judy Gilbert, POWA hunt monitor, Bucks.