SO the Vale of Lune Harriers are looking for a fell runner to act as their quarry'. But surely the answer lies within the hunt fraternity, who are largely fairly fir outdoor types.

What's to prevent hunt members from putting their names in a hat and drawing out the lucky hare' the night before.

This would give them time for a few drinks, lots of back slapping and a promise to provide good sport for their fellows the following morning.

They would, of course, know exactly how a hare would run as they have chased so many over the years.

They could run and run until, lungs gasping and heart bursting, they could sit down for a quick kill. Oh yes, I can't see any problem at all with that.

There must be many hunt members falling over each other to give sport to their hunting friends. And I'm sure there will be lots of us who will go along, just this once, to see the outing.

Mary Dodd, Lancaster.