OVER 400,000 people across the North West are planning on buying a used car before March 2006.

The figure was released this week by Sainsbury's Bank for the launch of its new online valuation tool designed to give owners and buyers a quick guide to the true value of used cars.

The potential market value of a new car will be given by entering details such as make, model and mileage.

Valerie Wood, car purchase scheme manager for Sainsbury's Bank, said it was important to have an accurate value in mind when buying or selling a car.

"This will help ensure that you obtain or pay a fair price and will help with any haggling that you do.

"A poor understanding of the true value of a vehicle might explain why 47 per cent of people planning to buy a second hand car are only prepared to haggle slightly over the price or not at all."

The guide is available by logging on to www.sainsburysbank.co.uk/drive or pick up a leaflet at a Sainsbury's supermarket.