NEWS that parcels of woodland owned by the Lake District National Park Authority are to be sold has attracted a staggering' amount of interest, staff confirmed this week.

More than 50 telephone calls and a further 50 email inquiries have been received by the LDNPA from organisations, groups and members of the public wishing to register their interest in the land.

The authority announced its intention to sell off 103 of its 1,600 acres of woodland as part of an on-going property review two weeks ago but denied it was linked to current cash shortages.

As a result of the response, 12.6 acres at Meathop Woods, 7.2 acres at Bank Wood and a pocket of woodland at Ghyll Head will this month be advertised for sale on the open market. Other pieces of woodland, including 61 acres at Summer House Knott and Waterside Knott, near Newby Bridge, and 1.2 acres at Pool Wood, Hawkshead, are unlikely to be advertised before Christmas, said the LDNPA's Janet Moss.

"The amount of interest the announcement generated has been quite staggering. But we are still committed to ensuring any potential purchasers of the land are sympathetic to the way it has been maintained by the LDNPA."