RISING levels of homelessness may see South Lakeland District Council plough more cash to try to tackle the problem.

The number of people recognised as homeless by SLDC has risen by 51 in the last three years, forcing the authority to house people in bed and breakfast accommodation.

In June, SLDC allocated an extra £25,000 to pay for B&B accommodation and to pay for a temporary housing post to help develop a solution.

Now officers have recommended that it pumps in a further £30,000 to help stabilise the problem.

In a report to cabinet, Kevin Earl, SLDC's principal housing officer, said: "The incidence of homelessness continues at a high level and regrettably bed and breakfast accommodation continues to be regularly used to provide temporary accommodation by the authority.

"This situation is not confined to South Lakeland, all Cumbrian authorities are using bed and breakfast regularly with several authorities spending substantially more than ourselves."

He added a change in allocation policy would soon create a reduced need for temporary accommodation, but that it would be several months before this was achieved.

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