There's a seaside town called Blackpool that's noted for fresh air and fun, but for the army of Blackpool landau horses who will shortly be starting their long summer season it will be anything but fresh air and fun.

Once again, they will be pounding the busy prom, weaving in and out of heavy traffic, lining up with taxis and getting the full blast of the exhaust pipe when they start up and breathing in deadly exhaust fumes for hours on end, day in, day out, and not forgetting all the noise.

In my opinion, this all adds up to monetary gain overriding the love the owners say they have for their horses.

They may also call themselves careful drivers but eye-witness accounts from the public tell of them driving through red traffic lights and using mobile phones while moving tell another story.

I am not alone in thinking that Blackpool's landaus should become a thing of the past for humane reasons.

Pat Price, Lytham Road, Blackpool