For years it kept the Fylde Coast rain off one of the UK's most famous swimming pools.

But, nearly two decades after the sad demise of Blackpool's Derby Baths, the roof of that landmark building is being given a new lease of life.

The likes of John Lennon swam at the pool, next to what is now the Hilton Hotel, and former Olympic gold medallist and original big screen Tarzan, Johnny Weissmuller, starred in the Derby Baths summer show.

But the 1920s building reached the end of the line in 1988 despite a desperate fight to preserve it.

Among the many unique features of the baths was its roof, made from green Westmorland roofing slate, quarried in the Lake District at the time of the construction back in the 20s.

When the demolishers moved in, many of its historic features were lost for good, but the roof tiles have now gone full circle and been returned to the Lake District, where they will provide roofing for holiday cottages in the Coniston area.

They were acquired by Coppermines, the company behind the cottages, at the time of the demolition 18 years ago but have now been put into place after planning concerns were met.

"As we're committed to reclamation and recycling we have always used items like reclaimed timber in our buildings and bringing the Westmorland Slate back to this area tops' our continual conservation work within Coppermines," said company boss, Philip Johnston.