CONCERNS over the impact of nuclear decommissioning at Sellafield and its impacts on South Lakeland were raised by district councillors.

Coun Norman Bishop-Rowe asked members of the district council to request the Government provided assistance and retraining for those in South Lakeland affected by the decommissioning process at Sellafield.

Figures released in 2004 showed 121 South Lakeland residents were employed at the site.

Coun Bishop-Rowe addressed the full council on the issue after attending a seminar on nuclear issues held by Cumbria County Council in March.

He told members that some 8,000 jobs were expected to be lost due to decommissioning of the Sellafield site, on Cumbria's west coast.

He added it was estimated that five jobs indirectly related to the industry would be lost for every direct position.

"The process will have a significant impact, not only in other parts of Cumbria, but in this area as well.

"I would ask this council to request the Government provides assistance and retraining to staff and their families following decommissioning at Sellafield."