A DISABLED Kendal man took his own life just days after admitting something terrible had happened while he was on a business trip to Thailand, an inquest heard.

Roland Forsyth, 42, was found dead on his bed in his house on Murley Brooke, off Kendal Parks Road, on November 28. An inquest at Kendal heard that he had taken an overdose of anti-depressant drugs.

Former partner Claire Robinson, 28, of Milnthorpe, had seen Mr Forsyth two days before he was found dead.

He had returned earlier than expected from his visit to Thailand around November 20 or 21.

She told the hearing that a few days after his return, one evening while crying he confessed ‘something terrible had happened’ during his visit.

“He said it was so bad he couldn't even tell me,” she said. “The next day he was fine again. He was a strong person. It never suited him being in a wheelchair.”

The inquest was told Mr Forsyth was still an active man despite being reliant on a wheelchair after he was in a road traffic accident.

Ms Robinson said she was alerted to there being something wrong when she sent Mr Forsyth a text which did not send to his phone.

Kendal police officer PC Roy Davidson said that when he went to the house he found Mr Forsyth’s body lying on a upstairs bed. He said that he found a letter outlining why Mr Forsyth took his own life.

“It made clear that this was not a cry for help and that if paramedics found him he didn’t want resuscitating,” he said.

A pathologist’s report said that a dangerous amount of amitriptyline, an antidepressant, was found in Mr Forsyth’s blood.

The pathologist said this was the cause of death as there was no further evidence that there was anything else wrong with Mr Forsyth’s health.

Recording a verdict of suicide, coroner Ian Smith said: “The circumstances are crystal clear. He left a letter indicating what he was going to do, although he didn’t leave any clues as to why he decided to take his own life.”