Do you remember having your photograph taken in a Blackpool dance hall in the late 1930s? If you do, a lecturer may want to speak to you for a new book.

Dr Dan Laughey, senior lecturer in media and popular culture at Leeds Metropolitan University is writing a book called Music and Youth Culture which includes material on music and dancing in Blackpool.

He wants to trace anyone who recalls being snapped by a photographer from the Mass Observation group in Blackpool's pre-war dance halls.

Mass Observation was a social research organisation and the pictures were taken to build up a picture of British daily life.

The resource is highly prized by social researchers.

Dr Laughey, said: "I have researched Mass Observation's archives that reported on public dancing in Blackpool during the late 1930s and early 1940s, including during the war.

"The book includes photographs of young men and women dancing in the Tower Ballroom and on the Central Pier.

"Some of these images derive from the Winter Gardens archive."

He added that he feels people would remember having their picture taken by Mass Observation photographers.

"I have a feeling they would have stood out from the crowd, as most of them were Oxbridge and Cambridge students!"

Anyone with information should call Dr Laughey on 07712 266209, or e-mail him on