A POPULAR South Lakeland show that has been blighted by weather problems in the past staged a successful event at the weekend.

The 2008 renewal of the Lakeland Country Fair in Torver even had to be cancelled because of poor conditions underfoot, but organisers this year ran out of programmes as the glorious weather attracted thousands of visitors.

Conditions were so clear that people could see fell runners at the top of Coniston Old Man in a race won by Howgill’s Carl Bell 56 minutes and four seconds. Last year’s winner Ben Abdelnoor, from Ambleside, finished second. First home in the women’s race was Karen Robertson.

“It went really well,” said Alison Bolt, show secretary. “If you can’t do well on a day like that then when can you?

“It was just perfect. We get on average 3,000 people but they kept coming and we got a good mix of local people and visitors.”

The only disappointment on the day was that a paragliding display had to be cancelled because the wind was blowing in the wrong direction.

Winner of the J Olstead Trophy for overall dog winner was a Foxhound called Tulip, from the Mellbreak hunt, based at Lawton, near Cockermouth.

Many Lake District skills were on show, including stickmaking, sheepshearing, spinning, weaving, woodcarving, beekeeping, fly tying, taxidermy, ferret racing and a horn-blowing competition.

For the first time this year, a display of working horses and ponies wowed the crowds as well.

RESULTS: Show Results Stick Show: Novice Stick or Crook: 1,2 & 3 S Lambert. Lady’s Walking Stick: 1 S Whitwell; 2 M. Earl; 3 B Cannan. Thumbstick: 1&3 B Cannon; 2 D Wall. Horn Crook: 1&3 Mr Williamson 2 B Cannon. Ornamental Horn: 1,2&3 D Wall. Wood Walking Stick: 1&2 M Earl; 3 B Cannon. Wood Crook: 1 Mr Williamson; 2 B Cannan; 3 S Whitwell. Horn Walking Stick: 1 S Whitwell; 2&3 Mr Williamson. Ornamental Wood: 1 D Wall; 2 B Cannan; 3 L Wall. Champion Stick: D Wall. Reserve Champion Stick: Mr Williamson.

Terrier Show: Champion Terrier: J McRichie, Meg: Reserve Champion: G Norman, Todd. Champion Pup: C Mason, Grit; Best Lakeland Terrier: G Norman, Todd.

Rough Pup: 1 L Simpson, Marley; 2 S Taylor, Paddy; 3 L Thorn, Peppa. Smooth Pup: 1 C Rowlings, Sid; 2 P Donachy, Stick; 3 S Rich, Ringo. Champion Pup: L Simpson, Marley. Rough Dog 24” and under: 1 S Catnach, Oscar. Rough Bitch 24” and under: 1 C Blase, Sally; 2 Lee Thorn, Peppa; 3 J Miller, Sukie. Smooth Dog 24” or under: 1 G Todhunter, Fido; 2 T Rich, Jack; 3 J O’Neil, Bruce. Smooth Bitch 24” and under: 1 D Wallacy, Sasha; 2 L Hartness, Nettle; 3 N Bryce, Sally. Rough Dog Over 24” 1 N Bryce, Saker; 2 L Simpson, Malley. Rough Bitch over 24”: 1 N Sutton, Skye; 2 J Miller, Trix. Smooth Dog over 24”: 1 J Crelin, Cruise; 2 T Medcalf, Jack; 3 L Ireland, Duke. Smooth Bitch over 24”: 1 R Lloyd, Tyldsley; 2 I Hartley, Ella; 3 G Langcake, Sky. Veterans: 1 K Alcorn, Annie; 2 L Judge, Sam; 3 L Bird, Sparky. Pairs: 1 D O’Neil, Troy/Bruce; 2 S Donachy, Hopper/Rocky; 3 J Crelin, Cruise/Oakley. Champion Lurcher: C McNally, Cruise. Reserve Champion: N Bryce, Saker. Foxhound Show: Best Walked: A Cummings, Coniston Sonnet. Couples: 1 North Lonsdale; 2 Melbreak; 3 Consiton. Group of 4 Hounds: Coniston, Rumour/Sonnet/Singwell/Sergeant. Unentered Dog: 1 Melbreak Glider; 2 North Lonsdale Ranter; 3 Eskdale Mountain. Entered Dog: 1 Melbreak, Delver; 2 Consiton, Bedlam; 3 North Lonsdale Bellman. Unentered Bitch: 1 North Lonsdale, Ruby; 2 Coniston, Sonnet; 3 Melbreak, Bounty. Entered Bitch: 1 Melbreak, Tulip; 2 North Lonsdale, Twilight; 3 Coniston, Welcome. Champion Foxhound: Melbreak, Tulip. Reserve Champion: North Lonsdale, Ruby. Beagle Show: Best Walked: 1 Black Combe Valiant; Couple: 1 Black Combe Viking/Valiant; 2 Pointer/Paula; Black Combe Banker/Lightning. Group of 4 Hounds: 1 Bleasdale Pointer/Pollard/Paula/Mole; 2 Black Combe Banker/Lightning/Vanish/Vivid; 3 Bleasdale Potion/Brigand/Dido/Galaxy. Unentered Dog: 1 Black Combe Lightning; 2 Bleasdale Potion; 3 Bleasdale Portman; Entered Dog: 1 Black Combe Fallible. 2 Bleasdale Ollard; 3 Bleadale Poet. Unentered Bitch: 1 Black Combe Lively; 2 Black Combe Lyric; 3 Bleadale Polka. Entered Bitch: 1 Black Combe Diamond; 2 Black Combe Beauty; 3 Bleasdale Galaxy: Champion Beagle: Black Combe Diamond. Reserve Champion: Black Combe Fallible. Sheepdog Show: Working Sheepdog: 1 C Gerrard, Glyn; 2 S Winstanley, Barney; 3 S Winstanley, Bruno. Working Sheepdog Bitch: 1 P Dixon, Fly; 2 P Redhead, Molly; 3 P Redhead, Nell. Champion Working Sheepdog: P Dixon, Fly.

Ferret Show: Working Ferret: 1 J Butcher, Silva; 2 R Chamberlain, Sylvia. Polecat Hob: 1 Andy B, Turner. Polecat Jill: 1 R Chamberlain, Tina; 2 E Henderson, Poppy; 3 A Andrews, Laura; Albino Hob: 1 Andy B, Mischief; 2 S Barraclough, Snoot; 3 S Barraclough, Enzo. Sandy Hob: 1 E Henderson, Spice; 2 K Henderson, Storm. Coloured Hob: 1 Vicky B, Hooch; 2 And B, Eddie; 3 Vicky B, Nicodemus. Coloured Jill: 1 A Andrews, Fang; 2 R Chamberlain, Sylvia; 3 R Chamberlain, Susie. Hob Kit:: 1 P Dixon, Nova; 2 K Henderson, Guiness; 3 H Andrews, Henry. Jill Kit: 1 H Andrews, Margaret; 2 Andy B, Demi; 3 Vicky B, Blondie. Pairs: 1 Vicky B, Demi/Dina; 2 Frank; 3 R Chamberlain, Shirley/Tina. Young Handler: H Andrews, Margaret. Champion Ferret: V. Douglas, Turner. Reserve Champion: V Douglas, Hooch. Champion Kit: P Dixon, Nova. Cumberland and Westmiorland Wrestling: Best Costume: 1 T. Gibson; 2 B Brocklebank; 3 W Atkinson. Ladies Open: 1 C Hodgson; 2 H Hodgson; 3 L Wilson. Under 12 Years: 1 T Gibson; 2 G. Wilson; 3 H Wilson. Under 15 Years: 1 W Atkinson; 2 G Wilson; 3 T Gibson. Under 18 Years: 1 W Atkinson; 2 B Brocklebank; 3 G Wilson. 1/2 Stone: 1 P Barnes; 2 W Atkinson; 3 B Brocklebank. Stone: 1 G Brocklebank; 2 B Brocklebank; 3 P Barnes. All Weights: 1 J Threlfall; 2 G Brocklebank; 3 P Barnes. Winner of the Nat. West Bank Shield: J Threlfall. Horn Blowing Competition: 16 and Under: 1 K Oddie; 2 C Valentine; 3 J Roberts. Ladies: L Birkett. Men: 1 A Ringwood; 2 S Mason; 3 M Wilkinson.

Senior Fell Race: 1 C Bell (Howgill) 56.04; 2 B Abdelnoor (Ambleside) 57.31; P Sanderson (NFR) 58.15. First Lady: K Robertson (NFR) 1.10.20. (97 Ran). Junior Fell Races: Under 10 Boys: 1 J Newbold (Ingleton) 4.02; 2 G Baker (Colne) 4.10; 3 R Albion (Broughton/Furness) 7.05. Under 10 Girls: 1 L Albion (Broughton/Furness) 6.02; 2 J Detwiler (Ulverston) 7.03; 3 A Baker (Colne) 8.03. Under 12 Boys: 1 J Morley (Whitley Bay) 10.27; 2 F Robertson (Corbridge) 10.28; 3 H Davies (Wharfedale) 10.46. Under 12 Girls: 1 K Handford (Keighley & Craven) 14.27; 2 H Newbald (Wharfedale Harriers) 15.57. Under 14 Boys: 1 B Johnson (Wharfedale Harriers) 9.19; L Davies (Wharfedale Harriers) 9.26. Under 14 Girls: 1 L Nunwick (Helm Hill) 11.19. 2 S. Handford (Keighley & Craven) 12.30. Under 16 Boys: 1 W Smith (Wharfedale Harriers) 11.23; 2 (joint) G Hurford (Bristol AC) And Z Marsh (Bristol AC) 12.34. Under 16 Girls: 1 T Colderley (Leigh Harriers) 14.58. Under 18 Boys: 1 R Rousseau-Delavaux (Torver) 14.52; 2 T McClusky (Torver) 16.44. Children’s Sports: Ball and Bucket Race: 5-6 A Hogdon; 7-8 N Early; 9-11 I Brownell. Obstacle Race: 5-6 A Hogdon; 7-8 N Early; 9-11 E Brownell. Terrier Racing 1 S Mason, Fly; 2 S Tyson, Ash; 3 S Tyson Elm. Displays and Demonstrations: (Cumbria Tourist Board Trophy) Cumbria Working Horse and Pony Society. Trade Stands (Langdale Trophy) N. Salisbury (Betty Fold Gallery). Overall Champion Dog: (North Lonsdale Trophy) Foxhound Champion, Melbreak Tulip.