A TV weatherman visited the Kendal school he once attended as its head teacher forecast a bright future ahead.

The BBC’s Peter Gibbs, who was born in the town, was guest of honour at a Kirkbie Kendal School prize-giving evening to hand out awards to students achieving good exam results and those who have contributed to the community.

Head teacher Phil Hyman gave an upbeat speech to pupils, staff and special guests including the Mayor of Kendal Coun John Veevers.

“There are many things that make me feel proud of our sch-ool: seeing students becoming pleasant well-rounded young adults, academic success and knowing that students give time to help others,”

said Mr Hyman.

The Lound Road secondary has this year recorded some impressive exam results, with 76 per cent of all A-levels graded at C or higher, and the number of students obtaining a GCSE certificate with 5 or more A*-C grade passes rising to 82%; their best result to date.

In addition to the hard work put in by students, Mr Hyman paid tribute to the school’s gover-nors, teachers and staff without whom, he said, the successes would not be possible.

Kirkbie Kendal’s pupils were commended by the head for their involvement in non-academic activities too, including senior citizens’ events, fundraising for Sport Relief and cancer charities and a sponsored walk to help poverty-hit areas of South Africa. Students have helped improve education in parts of the country through such events.

The head also recognised the hard work of previous students who had excelled in higher education: “I am delighted that Kirkbie Kendal students aim high.

"Twenty students from Year 11 achieved Open University degree module success in subjects such as fossils and the history of life, forensic science, Darwin, music, nutrition and Life in the Oceans.

"The students have already shown aptitude and motivation to gain excellent degrees.”

Other successes that have served to make 2010 a fantastic year for Kirkbie Kendal include the recent award of ‘Healthy School’ status, their seventh year of being classed as a Business and Enterprise School and a glowing report from the education watchdog, Ofsted, which praised students’ “enthusiasm, sustained commitment, good behaviour and positive attitudes.”

Mr Hyman closed his speech by highlighting exam results, supporting students’ efforts to achieve their potential and promoting a sense of care and responsibility would all be central to the future development of the school.

“We aim to see every child develop his or her potential both within and beyond the taught curriculum,” he said.

“We do our best to encourage high standards of courtesy which help to make our students young people whom we can all be proud.”


Subject Awards. Hogarth Cup for Art: Jonathan Robinson; Art History Prize: Aaron Bell; Marshall Cup for Biology: Chris Miller; Lamont Pridmore Business Studies Student of the Year: Rebecca Knipe; Rosenblum Cup for Chemistry: Jack Kennedy; Computing: Greg Hargreaves; K Shoes Cup for Textiles, Design Technology: Lucy Smith; K Shoes Technology Cup for Food, Design Technology: Michael Hoyle & Aaron Holland; Gilkes Award, Design Technology: Sam Mossop; N&A Ball Award for CDT: Tom Smith; Claire Ball Trophy for Drama: Josh Hawkins; English Language: Jonathan Robinson; Rivington Cup for English Literature: Laura Clancy; Geography: Tom Howell; Health, Social Care & Early Years: Ella Grantham; Ellis Shield for History: Robert Prosser & Conor Bolton; Information Technology Award: Grania Shankley; Everett Cup for Languages: Alex Pryke; Hayton Winkley Law Prize: Joe Buckley; Lomax Cup for Mathematics: Jack Kennedy; Media Studies: Conor Bolton; KHS Cup for Music: Katy Stuart; Philosophy: Robyn Bindloss; Physical Education: Hannalise Morris; John Allman Smith Cup for Physics: Tom Smith; Psychology: Emma Brown; Sculpture Prize: Vicki Gater; Sociology Cup: Tzeitl Holding; Statistics Cup: Alexandra Eggleston & Ibrahim Babiker.

Special Awards. MJT Pickles Award for outstanding academic achievement: Jonathan Robinson; Soroptimist Shield for service to the school: Lauren Munro-Bennett; Business & Professional Women’s Cup for Science: Rosie Halcrow; Mayor’s Cup for public service: Connor & James McGurk; Library Prize for service to the Library: Bronte Dixon; Public Speaking Prize: Andrew Pinkney; Junior Girls’ Hockey Cup: Rebecca Clarke; Senior Girls’ Hockey Cup: Donna Robinson; Junior Boys’ Hockey Cup: Ayrton Boyd; Senior Boys’ Hockey Cup: Keenan Quill; PE Cup for contribution to school sport: Kim Lupton; Cricket Shield: Sam Belbin; Rugby Cup: Daniel Greenwood; Junior Rugby Cup in memory of Andrew Lynch: Kieran Curwen; Tant Atkinson Cup for Rugby, under 15 player of the year: Ben Woodman; Hassall Senior Netball Cup: Annaliese Whipp; Hassall Junior Netball Cup: Lucy Clarke; Football Shield: Graham Baker; Girls’ Football Shield: Rosie Gregg; Scolarest Achievement Award for Citizenship: Ibrahim Babiker; Pathways Prize for Endeavour, donated by Kendal College: Alex Borodin; Chess Prize, School Champion: Connor McGurk & Jonathan Nelson; Year 12 Special Prize for Endeavour, provided by the Ball Family: Nadia McKane; Cheryl Shott Prize for the Arts: Rosie Halcrow; Nigel Shott Prize: Gavin Butler; Dave Jeffs Mathematics Prize for Endeavour: Stephen Heap; Sylvia Cockett Contribution to Strings Cup: Michael Howrie; Enterprise Award: John Duff; Headteacher’s Prizes: Rosie Halcrow, Conor Bolton.

Attainment prizes: all round academic excellence. Endeavour prizes: student produces work of consistent ‘personal best’ quality. Merit prizes: distinctive service to the school by student in any school activity, eg sport, music, drama, social or cultural. Year 7. Attainment: Victoria Black; Hannah Brown; Elias Cunningham; Lauren Scott; George Smith; Lucy Taylor. Endeavour: Jake Backhouse; Sam Bateson; Jessica Benson; Joshua Cook; Caitlin Flynn; Chloe Haines. Merit: Harry Brench; Samuel Clements; Ruth Grove; Emma Linton; Luke Lister; Henri Ratcliffe. Year 8. Attainment: Kate Asquith; Jack Hardman; Michael Humphreys; Declan Knowles; Lucy Milburn; Liam Nicholson. Endeavour: Megan Eland; Ellie Helmn; Heather Kearney; Niall Redfern; Georgia Sproat; Rachel Wilson. Merit: Joel Graham; Michael Hird; Neil McLoughlin; Holly Mitchinson; Rebecca Shiach; Bethany Young. Year 9. Attainment: Gemma Buckley; Rebecca Clarke; Jonathon Lowther; Connor McGurk; James McGurk; Billy Williams. Endeavour: Rebecca Black; Emma Casey; Joseph Clements; Paul Heap; Jennifer Rose; Joshua Teasdale. Merit: Hannah Gaunt; William Holmes; Dale Postlethwaite; Heather Ramsay; Peter Thompson; Steph Wilson. Year 10. Attainment: Catherine Buchanan; Robyn Grant; Robert McGurk; Lauren Munro-Bennett; Sid Oram; Katie Sandman. Endeavour: Nell Best; Emily Brown; Seamus Fallows; Sarah Finn; Jasmine Heigh; Callum Rushton. Merit: Christopher Barker; Matthew Flynn; Evie Garner; Emma Hughes; Sophie Hunter; Nathan Robb. Year 11. Attainment: Richard Asquith; Jack Clark; Ben Clarke; Bryony Halcrow; Jethro Lehane; Daniel Scott. Endeavour: Jack Andrews; Louise Burgess; Victoria Edgar; Hazel Mossop; Annaliese Whipp; Kerry Wilkin. Merit: Alex Chadwick; Amy Curwen; Alexandra Eggleston; Stephen Heap; Rebecca Hemsley; Edward Smith. Year 12. Attainment: James King; Jack Lawton; Lily Lowther; Nadia McKane; Kenneth Sandman; Lucy Smith. Endeavour: Jos Addison; Amy Dawson; Beth Fleetwood; Daniel Larkin; Alex Ramsay; Katy Stuart. Merit: Martin Craven; Nicola Graveson; Jake Pennington; Peter Simm; Monica Staniek.