DOES this latest snap of humped shaped waves in Windermere lay to rest the mystery of Bownessie?

These ‘humps’ glistening in the sun were captured by a Kendal photographer on Sunday during a hunt for Windermere’s monster.

A bow wave generated by a nearby boat created a stream of smaller waves which look remarkably like the humps often reported by people who believe they have seen a creature.

Psychic Dean Maynard, who organised Sunday’s search with Thomas Noblet, manager of the Langdale Chase Hotel, said: "I think this picture highlights that sometimes the water and waves could play tricks on any lake visitor and from the shore that picture could easily be mistaken for Bownessie."

“But I’m still convinved there’s something out there, there’s been too many witness accounts to ignore.”

Ellis Butcher, of Cumbria Tourism, said: "There'll be many visitors training a keen eye on Windermere this year in the hope of seeing something.

"We just hope they understand that this sort of formation in the water has an entirely innocent explanation."

However, one elderly fisherman on the lake, who wanted to remain anon-ymous, said: “About three years ago I was sailing on my boat when a huge black slippery creature came up next to me and rolled over like a huge slab of meat.

"In twenty years on the lake I’d never seen anything like that before. It gave me the creeps.”