AN OWL made a big impression when it crashed into the bedroom window of a house in Kendal.

When Sally Arnold returned from holiday this week and opened the curtains she made the startling discovery – the imprint of an owl on the window.

RSPB experts were able to confirm it was a tawny owl which had crash landed because of the size and shape of the silhouette.

Sally said: “Our first concern was for the welfare of what we suspected was an owl.

“We opened up the window to check if it was still around.

“Fortunately, there was no sign of the bird and we can only assume it had flown away probably suffering from a headache!”

Val Osborne, head of the RSPB’s wildlife enquiries team says: “We don’t very often see an imprint of a bird that’s flown into a window that’s this clear.

“This would have been very uncomfortable for the bird but thankfully it looks like it survived.”

The marks on the window would have been left by ‘powder down,’ a substance that helps many birds protect new, growing feathers.

Birds often collide with windows or start attacking them if they see their own reflection in them.

Window strikes can be reduced by making the pane more obvious to the bird, or by removing the reflection.

The wildlife charity suggests fixing an object to the outside of the glass to indicate an obstacle.